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The Technology for Making the Color Changing Mug
There are four different technology.

I. Direct printing: The printing can be transferred onto the mug directly. This Craft suit for simple design and small quantity, it needs bakeout.

II. Water transfer: Firstly, print the artwork on the water transfer paper combine with silk screen printing& spraying printing. Secondly, put the printed paper into the water, the artwork will seperate from the paper. Thirdly, stick the artwork on the mug, then bake in the kilns for about 2 hours and the color changing mug done.

III. Heat transfer: Print the photo on the heat transfer paper directly from the computer. Stick the photo on the mug, using the sublimation machine to bake them. Then the photo will be transferred onto the mug. It take about 4 minutes. This is the easiest technology for making color changing mug. It suits for individual customized products. Since it’s easy to operate, it’s very suitable for individual business and self-employment.

IV. Spray-Finishing: Use painting machine to spraying the color changing material on the surface of the mug. Then using the technology above to print the photo onto the mug. This is suitable for full color changing mug which the handle also colored and could change the color with hot.


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